PSY324 Lecture 4 & Exam Questions

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Ulrich Schimmack

Oct.3 PSY324 Lecture 4  Parents life satisfaction rating of child agree more with each other than they do with the childs self judgments of life satisfaction  Only 1/3 of rating is valid  0.6 correlation b/w self and informant ratings  No indication that self or informant rating is higher or lower for any measuring of well being  Positive affect shows how well we are doing on a daily basis  Positive affect plays a bigger role that negative affect. Weighted more when calculated hedonic balance  True level of well being influences life satisfaction and domain satisfaction  Hedonic balance predicts well being  Reduce measurement error by getting informant ratings Other well being measures Daily diary Flugel(1935) Rate pleasantness and unpleasantness for every activity in the day Implicit association test as a measure of SWB Method and materials Self report: life satisfaction, positive affect, nefative affect Frd’s informant report: life satisfaction, positive affect, negative affect Implicit measures: self esteem IAT, happiness IAT ( me/not me; happy/sad) Results show that it is easier for ppl to show me/happy than me/sad Advantage is that it is hard to fake. Assume that well being is defined as a match b/w a freely chose ideal life and an actual life and the measure is a self ratin of my life is close to my ideal. Wht could porduc measurement error in the reponses? D A. Respondents may not know their true ideal B. respondents may differ in the meaning of close to C. respondents mat not know important information abt their actual life D. all of the aboce E. A&B What was the main point of Nozick’s experience machine? D A . well being increases with the advancement of technology B. well being descreases the more ppl escape from reality into simulated worlds C. Real lives are better than simulated live. D. there is more to live than maximizing pleasure E. Real pleasure is better than simulated pleasure What are potential problems of defining well being as desire fulfillment? C A. It is impossible to compare the well being of ppl with few desires and many desires B. Desires can nvr be fulfilled becuz fulfillment of one desire alwys vreates a new desire C. Desire fulfillment can lead to feelings of regret suggesting that desire dulfillment decreased well being D. All of the above E. A&B Human needs and well being Where do standards of life evaluations come from? Innate: universal(pain-displeasure) individual ( sensation seeking) Culture/socialization Personal experiences Maslows need hie
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