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Chapter Threelecture twoWOMENS BODIES The Vuvla includes mons labia vaginal opening and clitoris vulva female external genitalia mons veneris pad of fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hairlies infront of pubic symphysis line of fusion btwn left and right pubic bones hair helps vaporize odors that arise in specialized sweat glands odors may act as pheromones hair removal may can problems inflammation infection of hair follicleslabia majora outer lips two folds of skin that extend down from mons on both sides of vulva padded with fatty tissue and hairy skin is darker erotically sensitivelabia minora inner lips two thin folds of hairless ski that lie btwn labia majora labia minora meet at front creating the clitoral hoodthe area encircled by labia is called the vestibule labia minora are supplied with glands blood vessels and nerve esdings vestibule contains three structures clit urethral opening and vaginal openingtwo glandsbartholins glandsexternal portion of clit is known as the clitoral glans small but highly sensitive shaft of clit runs upward from glans under the hoodshaftglans are erectile capable of becoming largerfirmer during sexual arousalerectile tissue wn the clitoral shaft has two corpora cavernosa that lie side by sideerectile tissue within the glans has one corpus spongiosumsmegma whitish greasy secretion that builds up under the prepuce of the penis and clit two internal extensions of the clit crura and vestibular bulbserection of vestibular bulbs durin sexual arousal helps lengthen and stiffen the vagina two muscles associated with the clit ischiocavernosus muscle surrounds each crus of clitcontaction of these muscles during sexual arousal elevates the clitoral shaft and glans causing the glas to disappear under hood bulbospongiosus muscle slings around shaftcontraction of this muscle tightens the vag opening increases clit erection and may help increase the erotic sensation of vaginal penetration by transferring mechanical excitation to the clit erection shaft of clit becomes firmer glans remains softbc shaft is surrounded by a layer of tough connective tissue that restricts its expansion whereas the glans is free to expandFemale Circumcision female genital cutting or female genital mutilation sunnah limited to incisionremoval of the clitoral hoodclitoridectomy removal of the entire external portion of the clitinfibulation pharaonic circumcision clitoridectomysewing together of the labia major over the vestibule piercing of clit hood or sometimes of the labia The Vaginal Openingvaginal opening or introitus occupies the rear portion of the vestibulecovered by an incomplete membranous fold of skinhymenimperforate hymen rare condition structure completely closes the introitus leaving no openingdiagnosed at puberty bc it blocks the menstrual discharge opening of urethra is located btwn vag opening and clitmain function to urinate but some women ejaculate from it during sexual climaxBartholins glands lie on either side of vag opening inside the labia minora1
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