RLG101H5 Study Guide - Heavensent, Mother Goddess, Zoroastrianism

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6 Jan 2011

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Tylor proposed that religion had its origin in various psychological factors such as dreams, ecstasies, etc: andrew lang argued that the idea of a supreme being could be traced historically among earliest conceptions of humanity. Its primary meaning otto found eludes apprehension in conceptual terms: so otto coined a new word, numinous to stand for holy minus its moral factor and without any rational aspect. Cosmogony: describe the characteristics of the creator deity in myths related to. The chaotic condition may be variously depicted as water, a monster, or as coldness, sterility, etc. In egg myths, the potency for creation is contained within the form of the egg. final stage = attempt to recover the antagonism of sexual differentiation . This is the myth of androgyny: symbolism of egg also connotes a state of primordial original beginning perfection out of which the created order proceeds. Provide examples of the types and range of myth.

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