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orthopraxy vs orthodoxy: ortho = straight, correct: orthodoxy: doxy = doctrine: set of ideas, correct ideology. hard to define judaism in terms of doctrine. the shema (deut 6:4-9: central prayer in judaism. polytheism, monolatry, and monotheism: monolatry: worship of one god but accepting other gods as, jud: it does not deny existence of other god (?, monotheism: universal among the jews. philo"s logos theology: philo of alexandria, use of stoic doctric of logos of biblical theology, philo applied to the biblical text to the stoic concept of the. Logos, a rational principle that mediates between the purely spiritual creator and the physical universe. the logos: responsible for day to day interaction with. divine unity in medieval jewish philosophy: medieval theology and philosophy insisted on a more restrictive understanding of the principle of divine oneness. www. notesolution. com. God is completely beyond number, and not composed of multiple elements.

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