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Cary Takagaki

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RLG206 Exam Reviewthth1 Sutras of Chan Zen Pure Land 18 and 35 Vows Nichiren and Tendai SchoolsChan Meditation SchooloBest known form of Buddhism in WestoTraced back from Bodhidharma to historical Buddha himself oTeachings of powerful meditation practices accessible to anyoneoWhole purpose of Chan is to enable person to discover their Buddhanature through meditationoMain Sutra is Lankavatara Sutrafoundation of mind is the consciousness that contains the BuddhaNatureoOne must negate all ordinary distinctions and conceptualizations through meditative stillness of mind Chan meditation is said to be able to still the minds functioning in a onepointed concentration that reaches the ground of consciousnessPure Land BuddhismoMajor tradition of Japanese BuddhismoMain Sutra is Larger Land of Bliss Sutrapractice of reciting the name of Amida Buddhas name as a meditation methodoNianfo ritualreputation and chanting of Amida Buddhas nameoHonen founder believed chanting Nianfo would bring one to rebirth after death but also purifies past sins in current life as welloSincerity faith and aspiration should be present when reciting NianfooNianfo turns one mind from worldly experience evils and cares to an undivided attention to Amida Buddhatho18 VowPrimal VowBasis of Pure Land Buddhism as well as practice of NianfoWhen I attain Buddhahood no sentient beings should be born in my land unless I attain perfect Enlightenment However exclude those who commit grave offences and abuse the right Dharmatho35 VowIf a woman calls my name and wants to attain enlightenment she will be reborn as a man when women come to the Pure Land they will be free from the restraints of an inferior status in the human worldNichiren BuddhismoLotus SutraRLG206 Exam Reviewobelief that all people have an innate Buddha nature and are therefore inherently capable of attaining enlightenment in their current form and present lifetimeonotable for its hardline opposition to any other form of Buddhismostrong focus on the chanting and recital of the Lotus Sutra which is thought to hold extraordinary powerTendai BuddhismoStressed the One Vehicle doctrine of the Lotus SutraoAll living beings have the BuddhanatureoTo awaken Buddhanature one would have to go through sutra study meditative discipline tantric practice chanting and Vinaya discipline2 How Buddhism was used by elites in Tibet China and Japan to accomplish specific political goalsTibet Political and TechnologicaloTibet did not originally accept Buddhism as they had their own religion They even destroyed many Buddhist monastic institutions they encounteredoHowever King Song Tsan changed his view through two political marriagesTo the daughter of the King of Nepal and one to the daughter of the emperor of China Two of his wives were Buddhist thus softened his attitude towards Buddhismtho7 century is when Buddhism entered Tibet They accepted mostly Tantric Buddhism as it was similar to their shamanismoSince Tibetans did not have a written language accepting Buddhism allowed them to learn Sanskrit which mean the acceptance of technologyChinaoEmpress Wu of China used Buddhism as a means for political goalsoTo gain support she circulated the Great Cloud Sutra which predicted the imminent reincarnation of the Buddha Maitreya as a female monarch under whom the entire world would be free of illness worry and disaster Associated herself with Maitreya which was the only way for her to become an empress in her own nameoPromoted Buddhism severely over religions such as Confucianism to support her female ruleJapan
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