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Cary Takagaki

Metaphor of the Buddha as a physician Questions Which Tend Not to Edification Spread of the Religion Monks: bhiku (Sanskrit) bhikkhu (Pali) nuns: bhiku (Sanskrit) bhikkhu (Pali) male lay devotees upsaka female lay devotees upsik cf Buddhism to the Hindu tradition The Three RefugesJewelsTreasuresGems The Buddha The dharma (the Buddhas teachings) The samghasangha (community; the order of monks and nuns; all followers of the Buddhist tradition) Why not Remain a layperson? The Ten Precepts 1. refrain from taking life 2. refrain from taking what is not given 3. refrain from unchastity 4. refrain from speaking falsely 5. refrain from intoxicating drinks 6. refrain from eating at the wrong time 7. refrain from attending events where there are dancing, singing, music, or acrobatic exhibitions. 8. refrain from wearing garlands, perfumes, unguents, ornaments, or cosmetics 9. refrain from using high or broad beds. 10. refrain from accepting gold or silver. 4 PathsStages of Awakening Purification Knowledge and Insight consists of knowledge of the Four Paths: Arhat Non returning Once returning Streamentry Womens Ordination www.notesolution.com
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