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10 Feb 2011

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Monks: bhik u (sanskrit) / bhikkhu (pali) nuns: bhik u (sanskrit) / bhikkhu (pali) male lay devotees up saka female lay devotees up sik cf buddhism to the hindu tradition. The three refuges/jewels/treasures/gems: the buddha, the dharma (the buddha"s teachings, the samgha/sangha ( community ; the order of monks and nuns; all followers of the buddhist tradition) Purification knowledge and insight consists of knowledge of the four paths: arhat, non returning, once returning, stream-entry. 7. of monks and ask them for instruction. It is not proper for nuns to enter upon a rain retreat in a residence where there are no monks: nuns who have finished their rains retreat should request the pravarana. [ceremony where sangha members ask each other for forgiveness for any offenses they might have committed ] ceremony from both communities. The two wheels of the dharma: a parable. The therav da tradition the way of the elders.

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