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RLG332H5 Final: Notes about Star Wars

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Tenzan Eaghll

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Notes about Star Wars July 25, 2016 Ordinary World • The movie begins with an establishment of the universe • Essentially the rebel army is battling it out with empire who is in control of the galactic federation (the universe) • Darth Vader is established as their leader o He is an entity that seems to be out of this world • Princess Leah probes into R2D2 and records something o She has been established as the damsel in distress • Darth Vader shown as a hardened and evil person who kills without any remorse • When Leah first appears on the screen there is a light motif (music changes) • R2D2 and C3PO escape on the pod from the ship and are transported to a planet • Leah says that she is on a peaceful mission from Alderon o There is jargon about how they don’t want the senate or the resistance to gain any traction by knowing that she is a rebel spy • C3PO and R2D2 walk across the dessert planet and R2D2 talks about how he has a mission to follow o Get captured by the sand guys • R2D2 is captured and placed into a heap of other scrap metal robots and meets up with C2PO in the metal moving dumpster • Luke and his uncle Rowen buy C3PO and R2D2 and lets not forget about the light motif when he shows up o Wants the red one but that one explodes so he takes R2D2 instead Call to adventure • Luke wants to leave the planet and go on a grand adventure • He believes that he is destined for amazing things • C3PO tells Luke that they are apart of the rebellion • Luke pries open R2D2 and opens a video for Obi from Leah • This opens the adventure to the grand scape • Talks about how Old Ben could be Obi Wan • He tries to play back the whole thing and has to remove the bolt that ties him to try and play message again • Tells his uncle and aunt and they act suspicious and tells Luke to forget about the droids and the message o Luke wants to go to the accedemy and his uncle says no that he needs help during the harvest o His aunt says that he has too much of his dad in him, his uncle says that its wht he is afraid of • The refusal to the journey could be when his aunt and uncle tell him tht he cannot actually go to the accedemy anymore, which is obviously not good • Luke finds R2D2 and fights off the sand people but is captured while R2D2 and C2PO hide • His vehicle is being ransacked • Obi scares away the sand people and helps Like (who is unconsciouss) Notes about Star Wars July 25, 2016 • Obi wan is revealed and says hello again to R2D2 • He meets “ben” and tells him that its cause of his droid that he came out there • He tells Ben that he claims to be the property of Obi, and then Ben says that he is actually Obi Wan • The sand people are coming back and Obi Wan tells him to go back to his place • They grab all the droids and both Obi and Luke take him back • Tells Luke that his dad was a jedi warrior with him and he give shim the light saber • Obi tells Luke about the force and explains what it is • Leah tells him that she needs help for fighting the empire Refusal of the call • Says that he cant get involved with this whole war • He has chores to work on • Obi tells him to learn about the force and that he has to do what he feels is right • He does nto want to take the risk Meeting the mentor • Pretty much, Obi wan tells him that he can learn the ways of the force • There is more plot about the battle station of the death star • Darth Vader pretty much talks about the uniqueness of the force and how that is the power • It explains more what the force can do and how it can be utilized o He chokes a guy • Obi wan has already given him his light saber already • He comes back to his home and sees that the rebellion have burned down his home • Leah is kept prisoner and brings in a weird device to torture her with it • Says that he accepts his fate and wants to become a jedi like his pops Crossing the threshold • He pretty much leaves and goes to a certain place with retched scum and villainy • They go to the slums essentially • He also witnesses the force being used for the first time (Obi uses force persuasion on the imperial soldiers • Obi explains that weak minded people can be controlled • Obi tells him that in the bar you can find the best pilots in the galaxy in the bar • All these weird aliens are here, like chewbacka and this weird devil thing • Bar tender tells Luke that they don’t serve droids • Luke asks for some drink and basically ses a bunch of weird people and is nervous Tests, allies and enemies • Luke is being pushed around by and Obi basically chops off the hand of the alien that was messing with Luke • We are now introduced to chewbacka and Han Solo • Millennium falcon introduced as this crazy ship that is very fast Notes about Star Wars July 25, 2016 • He argues with Han Solo and basical
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