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11 Aug 2016
Platoon Summary July 11, 2016
“rejoice oh young man, in thy youth”- esscalites
Begins with troops exiting a plane into the war itself
They are essentially looked at as outcasts
The main character looked at someone
Trees through the light (what could that mean)
Main guy passes by the snake and avoids it
The characters seem to show death as an oversight
Crawling with bugs not much wording said
They drench him with water (sort of like holy water) and help him into a new life (but then he
passes out)
One of the soliders writes to his wife “sarah”
“somebody once wrote that hell is the impossibility to reason…a gook can be standing 3 feet in
front of me and I wouldn’t know it”
oThe rule is that new guys don’t get treated well
oHe writes to his grandma in this monologue
oElias’ platoon is filled with new characters
oO’Neil is the other one who goes against Elias
oBarnes is the best in this case
Elias the understanding one who is essentially the good guy
When they begin their mission there is a lightening result and rain pouring down on them
Chris joined the army just so he could put his work for his country
oHe’s essentially with a bunch of nobodies
oThey’re all the grunts of the whole sitatuion
When he writes back home he speaks about finding himself through the war and starting a new
He wakes junior up who essentially goes back to sleep and when Chris awakens the rain stops
Theres a group of soliders that begin their attack and Taylor is hit with something
oHe essentially passes out
oThe other guy who is also shot dies
oJunior basically blames Chris for the whole thing
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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