RLG332H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: American Civil Religion, The Younger Generation, Signify

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11 Aug 2016
Notes about Inherit the Wind August 8, 2016
The movie starts off with a woman singing “gimme that old time religion”
oMaybe it could be a reference to the American Civil Religion
A teacher, Bertram Kates, basically taught evolution and is arrested
The politicians get together and discuss the issue of the trial
oTheir state is deemed as “stupid”
Mathew Harisson Brady says that he will prosecute during the trial- ran for president in 1900
and 1908 (twice) and is a notorious guy
oThe politicians only see this as a means to make more money
oThey pray for the money they will get
Krates is in jail and is left playing cards with the guard and goes back into his cell when someone
knocks on the door
Rachel, the reverends daughter, visits Bertram while in jail
oShe tells him to tell everyone that it is a mistake, but says he cannot
E.K Hornbeck visits him and says that he’s here to visit and interview Kates
oSays that he wants to teach evolution cause life came after a long time not 7 days
Hornbeck tells him that he is on their side for the trial
There is a parade about wanting old time religion
There is sweat on the characters to signify the heat of Tennessee
The Mayor says that he is there to make sure that big city folk do not take over the town
Hornbeck says that Henry Drummond is there to represent Kates
Says “he had a good clean place to stay and left it to come to their town”
Rachel comes home late while her dad plays on the piano
oThe scene portrays the reverend as a really scary person who cares more about the lord
than anything else
oShows how the people of the town can be taken control of
Lots of Bibles for sale
oWhich is more hungry my stomach or my soul?
oShows how the whole thing ended up becoming an attraction more than anything
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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