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Zachary Levinsky
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Assignment – Theoretical Analysis
You have approximately one week to complete the following assignment due on
February 6th. You must submit the paper at the beginning of the lecture.
It is important to understand how people make sense of criminality and assumptions
made about the criminal and human nature. This assignment bridges the theoretical
readings we have been doing with the everyday by getting you to explore the
(mis)perceptions and (mis)conceptions of crime circulating in current discourse. You are
to select an article from a major Metro Toronto newspaper that deals with crime,
criminals or the criminal justice system from the last two months. Drawing from the
material we have covered thus far in the course, your paper will discuss the theoretical
assumptions about crime/criminality that the author or others in the article are making.
You should also provide a critique of these positions. Please choose wisely when
selecting an article. Not all articles will provide a useful basis for analysis so you may
have to do some searching and thinking.
The assignment must be typed, double spaced, stapled, and approximately 4-6 pages in
length. The pages must be numbered. Remember to cite things that are not your idea.
Use APA in-text citations for the readings or my lectures. You do not need a reference
page if you are only citing material from our class. You are not expected to consult
outside research but if you do you must provide a reference page. Please attach a copy of
the article that you have chosen to the end of the paper for reference.
The penalty for late assignments is 5% per day, including weekends. This penalty is
strictly enforced unless proper documentation of illness or hardship is provided (conflicts
related to employment or heavy workloads in other courses do not quality). The
sociology secretary will NOT accept any assignments for this course. If your assignment
is late or you experience printer problems please submit it via the online dropbox through
Portal. Electronic submission will serve only as a proof of completion and your paper
will NOT be graded until you have handed in a hard copy. All students are required to
keep a photocopy or saved copy of the assignment and your notes. I suggest you email it
to yourself as you work on the paper constantly. In NO case will the professor or
teaching assistant be held responsible for the loss or misplacement of any assignment. If
requested, a student must provide a copy of the assignment and any rough notes. Keep
all assignments and rough work until after you have received your final grade for the
Questions you may want to consider asking the author or other people in the article (note
this is not an exhaustive; nor a prescriptive list and some questions may not be pertinent
to the article you choose):
What theories of crime/criminality are being drawn upon?
How is the criminal depicted?
How is human nature understood?
What theories inform their concept of the law/criminal justice system?
What are suggested/implied solutions to the problems presented?
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