MDSA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rulemaking, Old Media, Media Imperialism

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27 Feb 2017

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Mdsa01 week 6 lecture & reading (october 18) Week 6 - perspectives on media and audiences. Media seek audiences to inform, enlighten, entertain, and sell to advertisers or pay a fee for the receipt of content: they depend on the audience, they study audiences to see. Scholars and social scientists seek to understand the nature of the interaction between the media and their audiences. Audience = a group of people exposed to a common text. With the printing press, the act of communication between the originator of a message and its recipient(s) became increasingly mediated: you do(cid:374)(cid:859)t (cid:396)eall(cid:455) k(cid:374)o(cid:449) (cid:449)ho (cid:455)ou a(cid:396)e talki(cid:374)g to. Digitization and media convergence have been used to break down the distance between media production and consumption: the relationship between producers and consumers is changing there are forms of feedback, new ways of cultivating a relationship.

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