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15 Dec 2010

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Cosmopolitanism: a condition in which international organizations, transnational corporations, global markets, and so forth are accountable to the people of the world. Un must be replaced a genuinely democratic and accountable global parliament. Dumping: dumping is an informal name for the practice of selling a product in a foreign country for less than either (a) the price in the domestic country, or (b) the cost of making the product. It is illegal in some countries to dump certain products into them, because they want to protect their own industries from such competition. Europeanization: europeanization in political science has been referred to very generally as. More specifically than this, it has been defined in a number of ways. One of the earliest conceptualizations of the term is by ladrech (1994, 69) who defines. :7450,3,943825,8,33. 702039,574. 0884170-orienting the direction and shape of politics to the extent that ec political and economic dynamics become part of the organizational logic of national politics and policy making.

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