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RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Prokaryotic Large Ribosomal Subunit, Shahada, Gnosticism

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David Perley
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February 9th, 2010
Christian Timeline
30 Death of Jesus
49 Debate of Jerusalem over the status of Jews and gentiles
65 Death of Paul
301 Baptism of Armenian King Tiridates
312 Constantines reported vision of the cross
325 First Council Nicaea
384 Augustines conversion experience
451 Council of Chalcedon
Christianity Lecture I
Bear in mind the apocalyptic theme going on at the moment of Jesus
Jewish people want a messiah
Jesus death was not abnormal at the time of Roman rule
John the Baptist claims the end is coming and has the sense of urgency that the end
is coming and repentance is needed now before God comes
Many of the stories of Jesus comes from the Gospels
Scholars find this problematic as the factual truth to these stories is debatable
God is more loving the new testament, as Marcion has said
Mosaic composite portrait of Jesus
Loving God and loving ones neighbours is more emphasized in Christianity but not
completely new
John the Baptist wants people to repent now before time runs out
Jesus not concerned with the rules

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More concern for forgiveness
Hes more of a spiritual messiah
His kingdom is a heavenly one
Christianity began as a missionary religion
Pentecost- God giving the disciples the ability to speak foreign languages
Interesting to contrast this with the tower of Babel story of God using the issuance of
many languages as punishment rather than reward
Letters of Paul, early insight in the early Christianity
He is looked at as the key lieutenant
A key component of this is his ability to attract non-Jewish participants
He spoke greek
Paul spoke of gentiles not having to be circumcised for Christianity
Dietary Regulations are loosened
Paul emphasizes the cosmic part of Christianity, talks about Jesus as a redeemer of
human sin
Ultimate punishment again is death
oRhetoric about Christianity is that reward is life
Not talking about the judgement, heaven and hell
Views it to be infallible
Believes the document was divinely inspired
Contemporary interpretation
All events in the gospels did actually occur

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

The names were attached after, there was a Matthew community etc.
Matthew Mark Luke John
Gospel of Peter didnt make the cut as it claims that Jesus didnt die but ascended to
heaven before being crucified
Mark(Winged Lion)
oSaviour of the Gentiles
oApocalyptic urgency
oLions are affiliated with the desert
oPeters disciple
oStresses Jesus actions over his teachings
oA misunderstood messiah
Matthew (winged Angel)
oPromised messiah of Israel
oSupreme teacher of Torah
oAngel because of the visitations to Mary
oSavior of the Jews
oUses Mark as a source, this contains all of Marks narratives
oContains the infancy narrative
oReport of post-resurrection appearances
oTalks about fulfillment of the prophecies
oHas more of a long term vision
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