RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Prokaryotic Large Ribosomal Subunit, Shahada, Gnosticism

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22 Dec 2010

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49 debate of jerusalem over the status of jews and gentiles. Christianity lecture i: bear in mind the apocalyptic theme going on at the moment of jesus. Jesus death was not abnormal at the time of roman rule. Loving god and loving one"s neighbours is more emphasized in christianity but not completely new. John the baptist wants people to repent now before time runs out. Interesting to contrast this with the tower of babel story of god using the issuance of many languages as punishment rather than reward. believes the document was divinely inspired: literalism. pauline epistle= earliest writings: revelation (100ce) apocalyptic test: apocrypha, gospel of thomas. some scholars think that that is what q would look like. mystical interpretation of the bible: gospel of peter, secret gospel of mark. a letter of clement refers to a secret gospel of mark: consensus.

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