WSTB05H3 Study Guide - Environmental Health, American Cancer Society, Yiddish Words Used In English

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Article: the secret history of the war on cancer. Starts the book with family stories about her great-grandmother, grandmother and father demonstrates her perseverance. Bubbe fanne explosion under her house > raced through flames to save her two kids. Harry (her father) drill sergeant > snatched a live grenade from the shaking hands of a green army recruit and tossed it away just before it blew to smithereens. Perseverance related to how long she took to right her book. Wanted to write a book on how cancer had actually increased and how it couldn"t be all explained by smoking, improved diagnosis or aging. Her boss (frank press) told her that it better be a good book because she wouldn"t be able to work there anymore after she wrote it. Im just telling you that can"t write a book critical of the cancer enterprise and hold a senior position at the institution another man advised her against it too .

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