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HIS385H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Patrilineality, Canton System, Stamen

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Cosmopolitan Tang Dynasty (618-907) 7th century
Tang Dynasty—willing to accept and include foreign elements in TANG. They present
themselves as Chinese, but they still welcomed people from other cultures to share their idea.
Hong Kong produced lime and supply it to TANG dynasty since Tang govt started to build tons
of buildings.
Chinese political fragmentation→ South China and North Vietnam split, 1000 CE.
Vietnam was considered as part of China in this period. Northern Vietnam was considered as
part of China in this period.
Salt production at Kowloon Bay→ The government monopolised the salt production. The
government document of salt production/ control.
Coastal evacuation, 1660
Those people were loyal to the old dynasty, Qing has to deal with those rivals until 1640s. Since
then, Taiwanese started to against with the central govt of China, which is a historical issue.
Qing dynasty sent their rivals near coastal village, and forced people to move 200 kilometers
away in order to cut off the capital supply. Taiwanese sent their spies to east coastal villages for
infos, since then the govt sut off their supply lines.
Hakka people: they were the migration in China during mid-18th century. (1670s) People
left their hometown to find jobs at other places since HK became a colony. Since then, different
other cultures flowed into HK, hakka, India, etc.
-And Hakka (newcomers) do not have access to their home land any more, Hakkas ended up
with stay in the poor land, native population.
Village society:
The village society has single surname, patrilineal 父系社
The village was organized along the father’s line
Diverse, village society with different surnames, newcomers may have different surnames, they
have to wait anther same surnames people come to join them in order to build a new, strong
village and to compete with other villages.
People did farming in HK during the time→ A lot of land→ main industry.
Canton Trade system, 1757
The Canton system served as a means for China to control trade with the west within its own
country by focusing all trade on the southern port of Canton (Guangzhou). The response to a
perceibed political and commercial threat from abroad on the part of successive Chinese
emperors. After Treaty of Nanjing, 5 ports are open to foreign trade thereby eliminating
Canton’s former monopoly advantage.
The influences on Hong Kong: by the time Hong Kong became a full-fledged British colony,
many of the merchants would be led by a newer generation of western hong merchants. Many
of these companies would become the back bone of the young Hong Kong economy.
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