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POL101Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: International Commercial Law, European Communities Act 1972 (Uk), Secretary Of State For International Trade

Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein
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Study Notes
Nov 14 Race and Gender
Anthony Marx, 1996.
The pole of the olou lie
o Post slavery segregation and protests
o South Africa and the USA
Argues that: industrialization, class conflict and rising nationalism have reinforced racial
domination and conflict
o Via legally encoded racial identity = provoked the conflict to remain
Why race becomes salient?
o Race is not a pre-existing category
Rae is ot foud, ut ade ad used
Race is an object of analysis not a tool of analysis
o USA, Brazil and South Africa
Dominated Indigenous and slave populations of African origin
Social and economic measures indicate significant and persistent
disparities between black and white that built on the legacy of slavery
o Differences amongst the three countries:
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Nov 21 Sovereignty
Brexit / All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
Brexit = UK leaving the EU
Britain left because of a referendum. 52% of the votes
Two key issues with Brexit:
1) How British firms will do business in the EU
2) What curbs are brought in on the rights of EU nationals to live and work in the UK
Important to note:
A key element for Brexit was immigration. Wanted to lessen the amount of immigrants
living in the UK
Affects of Brexit:
Pound value has lowered
Some believe costs has increased, or will increase
Britain lost their top credit rating. Went from AAA to AA (Cost of borrowing higher)
British busiensses are trading more Positive
Bank of England is cutting interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25%
All about EU:
28 countries (including UK)
EU was created after WW2 to foster economic co-operation
Single Market
19 countries use Euros UK does not
Own parliament Sets rules on things such as the environment, transport, consumer
rights, etc.
UK Leaving:
For UK to leave, they must invoke an agreement: Article 50 of Liston Treaty
o Gives both sides two years to agree to the terms of the split
o Teresa May wants to invoke it in March 2017
o Could be possibly delayed due to court cases
The Government of UK is planning to enact the Great Repeal Bill
o End of primacy of the EU law in the UK
Negotiating Brexit:
New government department lead by Conservative MP: David Davis
o Liam Fox: International Trade secretary
o Boris Johnson: Foreign Secretary
UK will continue to abide by the laws and policies of EU. But will no longer be sitting in
Settlements need to be approved by at least 20 countries 65% of the population
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Most complicated Brexit deal would be TRADE DEALS.
o The negotiation process must be met with unanimous acceptance of trade deals
o The UK does not want to have freedom of movement, but the EU believes trade
deal is only possible with free movement.
Theresa May: Wants the net migration below 100,000 a year
- Two years time begins
- Negotiating
- Draft of settlement given to the EU council 27 countries
- The 27 countries discuss
- Appoal et o delied. If et…
- Ratification by EU parliament
If no agreement is met, then the negotiation can be extended. But the extension must be
agreed by all 27 countries. If extension is declined, the laws of EU cease to exist in the UK
UK leaves the EU and must repeal the 1972 European communities Act and replace it
Single Market:
Free trade countries can trade without paying Tariffs.
However, in a single market, their economy is merged together.
Single Market acts like a single country: Free movement of goods, services, money and
General Elections:
If the MP’s at to oetu the efeedu the ust:
o Vote fo a geeal eletio / of MP’s ust agee
The general election comes before the scheduled election
o The MP’s ust hae a pat that lais to e agaist the efeedu esult
o If this Party wins the peoples vote, the party can overrule the referendum
(people have chosen the party over the referendum)
Reasons for leaving the EU:
Claimed imposed too many rules on the UK businesses
Wanted control of their borders
Charged billions of pounds for EU membership fees, but UK got little back in return
Red Tape:
Set of rules that focuses highly on environmental and employment rights
4/5 most costly regulations by the EU not entirely supported by the UK
Another issue:
Quitting the EU, the UK will no longer be apart of the TTIP (Transatlantinc Trade
Investment Partnership)
They will have to negotiate their own trade deals, especially with the USA
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