POL101Y1- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 71 pages long!)

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11 Oct 2017

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Answer: politics as activism, politics is change and shifts, politics is progress and/or regress. Political science allows us to understand why the political world is the way it is. Study of politics is asking both how? and why? . Segregation at all costs: bull connor and . President obama delivers his second inaugural address. The rights that we enjoy in the west have come at an extremely heavy cost, payed over the 20th century by others, both following and through(main idea of term 2) Identi cation and explanation of politics through time and space: Taxes: america: hatred of high taxes, sweden: appreciation of high taxes. Democratic development: recent explosion of the # of democratic countries. 1992 conservatives take 2 seats, now have the minority majority. The rise of the surveillance state: anonymity -> absence of privacy eg. central. Wealth and poverty: canada: k vs. zimbabwe: k. Purpose of the course: building foundational skills for undergrad.