POL208Y1 Midterm: Midterm outline and review from the Fall Semester

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7 Dec 2010

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Part 2) essay, choice 1 of 2 (using the movies) Nuclear weapons: nature/doctrine of nuclear weapons, proliferation and its dangers, non-proliferation. Hiroshima/nagasaki, are the only times nuclear weapons were used: 1,200 tonnes of tnt, now reached millions of tonnes of tnt per nuclear weapon. The size of the nukes have gotten smaller with innovation: for example now planes can have multiple nukes on board. Nuclear weapons are deterrence weapons: deterrence: 1. Psychological factor: the actor must be prepared that their own country will have complete destruction because any nuclear attack will be responded: 2. Capacity factor: capacity to launch a second strike after being hit first. Thus the us has power in majority of western missiles: missile defence: missiles that will counter incoming missiles. S nato policy of first use if necessary, nato will use nuclear weapons first. Proliferation: 3 model explanations: security model: basic realist nuclear proliferation since world is anarchy and.