SOC336H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Temporary Foreign Worker Program In Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Pierre Trudeau

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17 Oct 2016

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Around 1900 immigrants increase rapidly, 1930 dropped, but rise at 1945. Foreign-born population: 1870 largest is british isles, become more diverse. 1975 people want to decrease or stay current immigration, 2005 want to stay same or increase. Toronto is said to be most diverse, actually not. Large scale immigration, 1% of pop, 225-250,000/year, compared to us, 1910 much higher, then tend to slighter higher. Management of immigration: eco migration is priority, employability is selection, settlement programs. Institutional/geo-political context: national development strategy satellite status/ low. Fertility/ geographic location and borders/ labor markets/ educational system/ welfare state/ Three phases of eco deve/ immi: agricultural (1860-1900) imm to seele rural area in the west, build railroads/ industrial (1900-1960) imm to urban area, renewed after ww 2/ post-industrial (1960-now) high-skilled imm. Imm policy since ww2: imm act 1952/ non-racial policy 1962/ points system for eco imm 1967/ multiculturalism 1971/ quebec selection 1970/ imm act 1976/ temporary sensonal workers.

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