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Computer Science

Computer Concepts Final Exam Review! Chapter 12- Sofwear engeneering slide9 computer programing high level programming level- pascal is a high level command.- use command words and grammer based on human languages. Low level language- typically include commands specific to a particular cpu or microprocessor family Slide 14 4 and 5 generation language. VDE- visual development encironment- provides programmers wih tools to build substantial sescions ofa program: form design tool Errors slide 31 syntax- wrong code Runtime errors- occurs when you run a program ex divide by 0 Logical- error in logic, ie. Wrong formula Language used for game development- java, C, C++. Ch 11 Data mining- slide 5 models slide 7 a field-slide 10 Data base volunerabilities- Management information systesm- tips and mis Decision support systems, focus on picture. Expert systems and neural netweork page 17 System analasis Planning phse- pert wbs gannt slide 26 Ch 7 What is a cookie? Slide 13 Meeta search engine and a search engine- define slide 19 Slide 26 Meta key word Ch 6-lecture8 Name of the project tha helped start the internet- ARPANET What is the ineternet backbone. Page 10- there is a pic Label page 15 Slide 76 and 77 ftp picture Know WEPWPAslide 43 Ch 5 Know read and write, read, and read only on slide 60. Define file sharing 55 Public key encryption slide 72 Ch4\ lecture 6 Operating system recourses Multithread slide 8- in one program Multitasking is mult programs Boot process slide 20 Pic 22 Slide 81 3 types Define virtual machine Ch3 Application software: designed to help people accomplish real-world tasks ex microsoft System software- designed for computer-centric tasks. Utility software:PDF, PDFreader .exe is the proper ending. Whats the diff between updating and upgrading? upgrading: occurs periodically when software publishers replace older version of software product Update: slide 66 Software copyrights and licenses are protecting it from illegal copy
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