Business Administration 1220E Study Guide - Final Guide: Job Shop, French Fries, Ice Cream

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Business Administration 1220E Full Course Notes
Business Administration 1220E Full Course Notes
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Questions: your sandwich-making company has just received two orders for tomorrow. The rst, from the local daycare, is for 300 peanut butter and jam sandwiches. The second, from the city council, is for 200 roast beef sandwiches: perform a task analysis for each of these customers, supporting your positioning of the variables on the continuum of process types. Quantity: they should get all 300, no less, no more. Quality: they care what it looks like, and that it tastes good. Service: on time delivery as they have a designated lunch time: non-core. Price: price doesn"t matter too much as it"s government. Quantity: 200 means they"re probably 100-150 adults, they"re will be excess food as you can"t have food left out. It doesn"t match too much too them because they"re adults but it matters to us for our service. Day care: need to be focusing on e ciency and we cannot pass price increases on.

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