History of Science 2220 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Erasistratus, Herophilos, Fathom

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To understand galen, we need to look at the history before galen, during galen. Alexandria was a site of wealth and was ruled by a king who was okay with the. Galen plays an important role in the development of medicine, he helped shaped. Hippocrates was the first to dismiss the notion that magic, spirits, or the gods could cause or cure disease, reforming the course medicine took. Galen followed in the footsteps of hippocrates, working relentlessly on human anatomy, endeavoring to fathom how the body functions and what happens when something goes wrong. Without hippocrates" belief in diseases being a product of nature revolutionizing medicine, and galen"s extensive work on the anatomy of the human body, medicine may not have progressed to what it is today. During the pre-historic period, health and illness is viewed as a supernatural phenomenon, meaning if there was no obvious treatment, it was believed that evil spirits were making the patient was ill.