Political Science 1020E Study Guide - Final Guide: Brian Barry, Joseph De Maistre, Neoconservatism

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This is the system of ideas with histories. How does (the particular ideology) explain, evaluate, orient humans to. Every ideology has certain views of freedom. Fundamental equality of all human beings: inequality is an artifact (we created it, it was not already within nature) we are all morally equal. Every doctrine should be open to critical scrutiny. No religious dogma can be held with certainty. Origins of liberalism- medieval europe consisted of the hierarchical system, liberalism was the challenging idea to this classical system. Liberalism was a revolutionary idea in england, america, and france. Hobbes, locke (individuals have rights, state needs to protect these rights), paine (american revolution), jefferson (declaration of. Green"s welfare liberalism if you taker individual freedom to be the most important thing, then you are going to have to address certain obstacles (poverty, ignorance) We should be skeptic about political knowledge. Organic conception of society and the state (we are all part of one organism)