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Western University
Sociology 2206A/B
Stacey Hallman

Appendix A Using SPSS and NVivo SoftwareQuantitative Data Analysis Using SPSSSPSS Statistical Package for the Social SciencesIt the software most widely used for this kind of analysis because it is straightforwardUsing this time is saved and larger samples can be usedOperations are presented in boldThe names given to variables are in bold italics ex gender or reasonsLabels are given to values or to variables are also in bold but are not italicized ex reasons for visiting or maleA rightpointing arrowmeans left click once with the mouse to make selectionsSPSS Data Editor is made up of two components Data View and Variable ViewoData View provides a spreadsheet grid into which data are enteredoVariable Viewis a spreadsheet that displays information about each of thevariables name labels and allows that information to be changedVariable Name the name given to a variable gender Until it is given a name the variable is referred to as var00001 var00002 etc once it is given a name the name appears in the column for that variable in the Data View window It is generated from the Variable ViewVariable Label a label attached to a particular variable an
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