ADMS 3410 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Job Performance, Time Series, Task Analysis

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Performance management: is the process of establishing performance goals, intervention and programs to help motivate employees to improve performance on the job and reach organization goals. This is a long process and includes multiple steps, various activities and programs to help reach job performance goals: defining performance 2) setting performance expectations 3) setting performance goals. Management meets with the employees to set performance expectations and establish performance goals. This way it ensures that the organization goals and employee goals are both aligned together. Training: is the process of helping employees on acquiring the skills, knowledge and abilities on how to conduct one"s current job. It"s short-term process to acquire knowledge to do your current job right now effectively. An example would be management sending off their employees to workshops on how to improve their skills on their job. Goal of training is to acquire skills to do current job better.

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