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ANTH 3120
Karl Schmid

Chinese and Japanese tourists Nationality and “grand tours” • The European “grand tour”—Europeans traveling in Europe. Young men early experience of travel would have knowledge of European customs. They would have a tutor, and guide. • The Chinese “grand tour” of Europe— how Chinese travel in Europe today. A commonality is that there’s certain pathways that many Chinese people go to Rise of Chinese tourism • 3 largest number of tourists traveling internationally today (US, Germany) • 70 million Chinese outbound 2011 up 22% • More than a billion people can’t travel • The middle-class is large • Went through periods of travel restrictions for the purposes of tourism • More leisure time for Chinese workers that allows them to go tour the world Travel patterns • Middle/upper class do not match Canadian middle-class—travel is more expensive for the Chinese • They use hotels that are in the suburbs in the Europeans cities because the cities are expensive. • Seek cheaper flight tickets • They seek to visit many countries in Europe Spending and material relationship • The Chinese spend the most on gifts and purchases –almost 1000$ per trip on goods. 1/3 of their budget is on shopping. But why is that? So there is a material relationship • In one of the articles, it suggests that when this tourist gaze is turned to Europe, it’s a place where the authentic brands are found • Due to travel restrictions, one of the ways the Chinese related to the rest of the world was through the material objects that were manufactured and were symbolic of European and American life. In other words, brand name products were one of the ways that people could travel and a way to connect with people. • The world was constructed through material relations—luxury goods. These objects were brought into china and they were a way of showing their status of owning authentic things • The Chinese purchase more luxury bags watches designer clothes champagne wine. • Going to Europe allows Chinese to be certain of the authenticity of the items Chinese Tourism and “Grand Tour” • Louis Vuitton • Bordeaux –expensive wine • Chateau lafite Rothschild –expensive champagne. Marker of status • Metzingen –hugo boss suits come from here • Chinese are interested in luxury brands Chinese Tourism and “Grand Tour” the main places Chinese visit • Trier in Germany –birth place of karl marx. • Cambridge University— in England. There are nice willow trees that the Chinese like. Some Chinese get married at the Cambridge university • The alps – a movie important to china in the 80’s a romantic drama set in the
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