KINE 2031 Study Guide - Teres Major Muscle, Trapezius Muscle, Triceps Brachii Muscle

Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 2031
Neil Smith

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Upper Body
Anterior view
Xiphihumeralis (lowest part)(NOT IN HUMANS)
Pectoralis Minor (Med section/lower)
Pectoralis Major (Med section/upper)
Pectoantebrachialis (upper part)(superficial/coverage)(NOT IN HUMANS)
Clavobrachialis (clavodeltoid) (upper part)
oUnderneath the ‘Pectoantebrachialis’
Posterior view
Trapezius (Reflected/non-reflected) (superficial/coverage)
oUnderneath ‘Trapezius’ btw the cracks
oBeside ‘rhomboids’
oUnderneath 'Trapezius'
Spinodeltoid (posterior)
oNear the arm
Lateral view
Serratus anterior (anterior/lateral)
Teres Major (posterior/lateral)
Latisimus Dorsi (anterior/posterior/lateral) (superficial/coverage)

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Anterior view
Biceps Brachii
oBtw deltoid and forearm (Just like humans)
oSuperior to ‘Tricep medial head’
Triceps Medial head (Med section)
oInferior to ‘Biceps brachii’
oSuperior to ‘Tricep long head’
Epitrochlearis (superficial/ coverage) (NOT IN HUMANS)
oBtw ‘body’ and ‘arm’
Posterior view
Acromiodeltoid (Top part of arm)
Brachialis (upper section)
oSuperior to ‘tricep lateral head’
oinferior to 'Acromiodeltoid'
Triceps lateral head (med section)
oInferior to ‘Brachialis’
Lateral/Anterior & Posterior View
Triceps long head (lateral/anterior/posterior)
oInferior part of the ‘arm’
oInferior to ‘Triceps medial head’
Forearm Flexor (All Anterior views)
Pronator Teres
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