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NURS 3524 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Palivizumab, Traumatic Brain Injury, Bronchiole

Course Code
NURS 3524
Mavoy Bertram
Study Guide

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Week 4 notes
Acute illnesses
Hospitalization and the family
Family is strength and support
Hospitalization alters parental role
- Feeling of guilt
- Frustration
- Anger
- Employment
- Caregiving stressors
Admission assessment:
Full comprehensive assessment
- Find out whats going on with the family from a psychosocial perspective (single mom, job)
0-12 months
o Separation from parents core nursing
o Disruption in routine like ritualistic behaviours
same nurse with infant
o Pain/discomfort movement restrictions

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12-36 months toddler
o Keep parents near don’t like examination by strangers
o Movement restriction makes them uncomfortable
o Communication keep it simple X,Y,Z
o Erikson: loss of autonomy/independence
Allow toddlers to have a choice with their medications (freeze or apple juice)
o Fear of bodily harm
This age group thinks their insides will fall out through small cut, put bandaid on
Interventions for infant and toddler
1. Provide cuddling and touch
2. Provide sucking and oral stimulation for
infant pacifier if infant is NPO
3. For infant using objects of contrasting
colours and textures
1. Provide choice as much as possible
enables control
2. Allow toddler to express feeling of
3. Allow as much mobility as possible
4. Provide routines and rituals as close as
possible to what child is used to at

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

3 to 5 years preschool
o Fear of bodily harm
They see painful things as punishment so use play
o Requires truthfulness
o Tolerate brief periods w/out parents
Separation anxiety: refusal to eat, continuously asking when parents are coming
o Egocentric and magical thinking (self centred all about them ) increased vulnerability
Remind them their hospitalization is not d/t them thinking something bad like ‘’wanting to be away
from their family’’
o Guilt: see hospital has punishment*
o Loss of control
Regression: for example if a child is potty trained, being in an unfamiliar environment they can pee
on the bed or get nightmares
Sleep disturbances
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