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Arizona State University
Landscape Architectural Philosophy and History
LPH 311
Robert Balling

Arizona State University The Design School Twentieth - Century Landscape Architecture Exam 3 Study Guide EXAM DATE MARCH 19 LPH 3 11 Professor Rebecca Fish Ewan Office: DS 306 Office Hours: TTh 1:30- 2:45 Spring 2013 e-mail: [email protected] Exam 3 Description: Note: The exam will cover the last four lectures: February 14-March 5  50 questions plus 3 extra credit  Question worth 1 points each • 5 multiple choice response to image • 20 true/false • 25 multiple choice  extra credit from the reading: Halprin, Spiral Jetty and Little Sparta The Sixties 1. Know the major social concerns, significant leaders (when noted), and the role of public space in social activism that emerged in the sixties: • Civil Rights Movement • Free Speech Movement • Anti-War Movement • Chicano Movement • Women’s Movement • Alcatraz Red Power Movement 2. Role of Sproul Plaza and People’s Park as politicized public open space and how these spaces relate to the major social issues 3. What is a user-based design process? 4. What are the 2 major splinters in Landscape Architecture in the sixties? 5. What are the underlying beliefs and areas of focus for these two splinters? 6. What are the basic concepts of process-oriented design (Process with a capital P)? Lawrence Halprin: Know his background, experience, ideas and projects 1. Halprin Projects: know locations, ideas illustrated in these projects; design concepts, elements and materials presented, and projects done with Angela Danadjieva • Sproul Plaza • Sea Ranch • Lovejoy and Ira Keller Fountains • Ghirardelli Square • Embarcadero Center • Freeway Park • FDR Memorial • Levi Plaza 2. Design as process: • Designer as synthesizer • the
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