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Arizona State University
MAT 267
Dongrin Kim

TEST 1 REVIEW103 Dot Product32x24xx1 Find the values of x such that the vectorsandare orthogonal 2 A woman walks due west on the deck of a ship at 4 mih The ship is moving north at a speed of 20 mih Find the speed of the woman relative to the surface of the water Round the result to the nearest tenth 3 Find the angle between the vectors ifaandb06664 Two forcesandwith magnitudes 10 lb and 18 lb act on an object at a point P as shown in the FF21figure Find the magnitude of the resultant force F acting at P Round the result to the nearest tenth 5 Find the scalar projection of b onto a a bRound your answer to the nearest 24109hundredth 15356 A constant force ofpounds moves an object in a straight line from the point 0 0 to the point23 19 Compute the work done 5127Find two unit vectors parallel to the given vector104 Cross ProductScalar Triple Product1 Find a unit vector that is orthogonal to both9i9j and 9i9k 2 Let v7 j and let u be a vector with length 5 that starts at the origin and rotates in the xyplane Find vuthe maximum value of the length of the vector 3 Find a unit vector that is orthogonal to both9i9j and 9i9k 4 Find the volume of the parallelepiped with adjacent edges PQ PR and PS P1 2 3 Q3 5 4 R3 2 5 S4 2 35 If you apply a force of magnitude 38 pounds at the end of an 12inch wrench at an angle ofto the wrench find 3the magnitude of the torque applied to the bolt Round to the nearest tenth of an footpound 53496 Find the indicated area Area of the parallelogram with two adjacent sides formed byand
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