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Nonprofit Leadership and Management
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NLM 160
Heekyung Sung

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8/28/13 Sep 11- Lyn McDonough from lodestar center September 18 marco Mendoza from AU and SA September 30 craig Talmage from SCRD These are all on Wednesday LODESTAR center nonprofit news newsletter. Check the powerpoint on BB after clss Visit Salvation army on sept 20, October 11 and Nov 13 (All are fridays) Individual vs. society trees vs. forest practice vs. theory 7 online assignments 20pts each – weekly readings plus discussions Final and midterm closed book based on reading and presentations 80 pts, hand written APA formatting on everything. 9/4/13 Look at etymology Volunteering is a western word. Dictionary: of one’s free will (modern def not a syn for willing) no payment, supported by outside funds and not taxes or fees Common good vs. personal gain/obligation 9/9/13 Lecture Maricopa county budget 10:15 @mercado Volunteerism: relating to volunteers Voluntarism: Anything done voluntary (free will) Community Service: Activities that that meet community needs but sometimes might not be volunteering Community refers to society fact of belonging to all Geographic (physical) Symbolic (identity, organization, institution) Place, Space-perceptual, Identity-organization/school, Experience- feeling of, Market-Healthy market Boundary?: what are restrictions what does the boundary imply Textbook vs. Everyday Life History 9/11/13 Speaker Lyn Mcdonald Promotion of a book. Work on purpose Heart: Mental Health, Science, thought pieces, buddy e-mails, NASGR, education, Head: tolerance, interactions, hate kids, my buddies, engineers, science, discipline, camping, planning, music STEAM outreach, camps and enrichment programs, 9/16/13 Filmore and 4 ave Idea of volunteer experience over time with consideration to age 9/18/13 Salvation Army lecture relationships and scope of project 2, 5, 9?, 10 9/23/13 Formal Volunteering—benefit community, own free will, no payment $$, designated volunteering positions only Establish Events Draft letters for events Co-ordinate who gets the letters –state press, New Times, Republic, Tribune, Sun Devil Chat, College Times, Dream Catcher, 9/25/13 What motivates people? Work in teams for SA groups  List the names of the 6 motivations (functions) of the Volunteer Functions Inventory. Write a  short description (1­2 sentences) of each. Answer Selected  Value: An individual needs to feel like they are contributing to something they care about.  Answer: Enchantment: Almost like a personal connection, an individual will want to feel like they personally are  getting something out of their work, often in the form of education or an experience. Social: Individuals enjoy feeling like they are part of a group of people who share their ideals and can make  connections with people they may nothave elsewise met. Career: Individuals also enjoy making their resume look better and help them make connetions with more  people, and help with future prospects in life like being hired for certain companies and getting into certain  institutions.  Protective: Some people use volunteering to justify themselves or to escape their own personal problems,  sometimes by helping people who have the same problems as themselves and realize what they are capable  of making them feel safer and more competant.  Understanding: People often use volunteering to learn about the world, and practice certain skills. 9/30/13 Motivation lecture. What motivates people to do things/volunteer? I get something. Homo Economicus why do it if we don’t get anything? Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation What we really want: to learn, find opportunities, recognition, supportive people, a chance to grow. 10/1/13 Café set-up for class discussion. 10/7/13 Theories. What they are and what are some kinds. How do we know why the lights turned off? Giraffe, switch, power outage, etc Create own theory to be critiqued and be proven right or wrong. 10/21/13 Community organizing, what is it? Garage sales, websites for the city or a group, Eyntomology, organ—preforming special functions, organize-to provide with an organic structure Principles of CO grassroots, democratic, empowering, problem-solving, relationship building, undertsnad community, actual engagement Term com organ, civil rights labor movements, philosophical influence, womens, lgbt rights, anti- war, disability rights, HOW TO USE ABUNDENT COMMUNITY TO PROMOTE THIS? Saul Alinsky -- chicago Building power base, justification of means, find winnable goals and reach them Paulo Freire—brazil Popular education 10/28/13 Communities are Systems Systema—organized whole, body. Dynamic: in and out flows, understanding is fuzzy, externalities, ups and downs, progression and regressions. Living, not fixed. New factory = more jobs, more businesses, increased pollution, traffic jams, urban sprawl, inflation in prices, increased crime rate. 7 types of community capitals, cultural, social, financial, natural, human, political, built. All are interconnected. Natural—environment, local landscape, natural beauty, natural amenities, (town lake, civic space park, south mt.) Cultural Capital
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