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HIST 1010
John Stephens

History 1010World History IFall 2012Focus Questions for The Vikings 1. When trying to understand the Vikings, why should we be cautious about the common image of them being simply violent barbarians who did nothing but pillage all of the regions in which they ventured? The first targets were the ones who documented the descriptions. The Vikings didn’t write. They were story tellers and had runes that memorialized people and told of they’re deeds.Berka- lakeshore- 6000 people- traders and craftsmen, lived on farms outside. 2. How extensive were the Vikings’cultural contacts and geographical influences? What allowed them to have such extensive reach from their homelands in Scandinavia? get wealth resulting in power. Attacked from see. Raided monasteries that were unguarded.old and silver to If a group was challenged, they all fought. They stood together. Longship. England, Ireland, Netherlands ,and france 3. Why is it impossible to understand the Irish and English past without considering the role th
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