[FCFC 202] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the..
[FCFC 202] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the exam (49 pages long!)

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Ball State University
Fam & Con Sci Fam & Chl
FCFC 202
Kresha Warnock

[FCFC 202] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at oneclass.com Lecture: #1 Chapter 1 Promoting Wellness  Components of health o Social o Physical o Emotional o Need all three to ▯e fully healthy, ▯a▯’t ▯e physi▯ally fit ▯ut have a ▯e▯tal ill▯ess  Positive state of health and well-being  Emerges from health practices such as: o Nutritious diet o Exercising o Sleeping well  Requires resources to achieve o Sufficient foods o Immunizations o Health care o Safe environments  Foundations for wellness are developed in early childhood  Building Blocks of Wellness o Nutrition:  The relationship between nutrients that are eaten, digested, and absorbed and how they impact growth and health o Health:  Physical and mental well-being and the absence of disease o Safety:  Keeping children and families from harm  Obesity Epidemic o Refers to high incidence of obesity among young children o Incidence varies by geographic region and racial and ethnic group find more resources at oneclass.com
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