BIO 1306- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 39 pages long!)

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29 Mar 2018

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Plant nutrition + structure - - july 18. Attaining nutrients and ensuring they arrive at the proper place making sure that all cells receive proper nutrients. They need nutrients, organic and inorganic co2, h2o, and other materials. Photosynthesis takes co2 and h2o and converts them into sugars using the sun as energy. Photosynthesis returns o2 (gas) as a waste product into the atmosphere and is the source for carbon for all living things. Carbon, o, and h all enter the living world through photosynthesis. Plants take up other nutrients in small amount from the soil. Essential elements are the elements which are necessary for metabolism and reproduction and for which there are no substitutes. Magnesium the central atom in the chlorophyll. Macronutrients occur in amounts greater than 1 milligram per gram dry weight. These are possibly more important than the smaller nutrients.