EL ENG 126 Final: ee126-fa2000-final-Chang-Hasnain-exam

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X and y are independent gaussian random variables with zero mean and unit variance. You do not need to carry out the integrals for this problem. The random variables x and y are independent and each is uniform in the interval [0,a]. Z=|x-y| (a) find the pdf of z (b) find e[|x-y|] The number of customers n requesting services per hour at a given counter of the macy"s is a geometric random variable with parameter alpha. The service time per customer received is a exponential random variable with parameter beta. Let sn be the sum of the customer service time per hour. Problem #5 (20 points) file:///c|/documents%20and%20settings/jason%20rafte126%20-%20fall%202000%20-%20hasnain%20-%20final. htm (1 of 3)1/27/2007 4:21:53 pm. Let x be a random variable with pdf fx(x). Find the pdf of y=|x| and e[y]. (note: the subscript of the f is an uppercase x. The x within parenthesis is lowercase. ) (a) fx(x)=1/3 -1<=x<=2 (b) fx(x)=e^(-x) x>0.