VIETNMS 1A Quiz: [CORRECTED] Viet 1B Spring 17

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Tran Hanh

Introductory Vietnamese Spring 2017. Test 1 Full Name:Vanessa Tsan Group:1 [CORRECTED] Date: 2117 Write the following conversation between two roommates (both newly moved to Berkeley in their freshman year) in Vietnamese, using the vocabulary and sentence patterns learned from Chapters 11. The content expressed in the cue must be covered, but please do not translate the cues directly. All numbers must be written in full words. All text must be typed in Vietnamese using Unikey Telex type, Times New Roman font size 12 and doublespaced. 1. Student 1 says she prefers the bed by the window, and asks if Student 2 can let her take that bed, while (as for) Student 2 take the one next to the door. S1: Ti thch chic ging bn ca s hn. Bn cho ti ging , trong khi bn ly chic bn cnh ca c khng? 2. Student 2 agrees, and says that she also prefer the bed near the door because she often comes home late. She usually stays at the library to read magazines after dinner. S2: c. Ti cng thch chic ging cnh ca v ti thng v nh ti. Sau khi n ti, ti thng i dn th vin c tp ch. 3. Student 1 asks where can they placeput the bookcase, since she need to read many books and want to placeput the bookcase near her bed. S1: T sch chng ta s u c? Ti c nhiu sch v mun n cnh ging ti.
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