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CAS BI 107
Fred Wasserman

BI107 Study GuideSummer 1Module 1Be able to summarize a scientific paper and extract main resultsWhat is the papers purpose Why are the results significantKnow how cite a scientific article in a works cited list and in text LAST NAME FIRST NAME YEAR TITLE OF PAPER JOURNAL NUMBERNUMBER PAGE NUMBERSKnow the basic format of a scientific paper and what belongs in each sectionTitle Abstract summary of paper Introduction what you are testing why it is significant background information Methods the way of how you did your tests Results quantitative and qualitative results in the forms of text figurestables Discussion why you saw what you saw in your results what it means drawing conclusions why it is important what you could change what else you could test bigger picture Literature CitedModule 2Know how to come up with a hypothesis and design an experiment to test itObserve a system ask questions about the system you are curious about determine the variables in the experiment independent dependent control form a prediction hypothesis to answer the questions design an experiment conduct the experiment evaluate the results gained from the experiment the null hypothesis and the hypothesis start over again by asking a more specific or refined question about the system replicateKnow the types of variables in an experimentDependentwhat is being measured Independentwhat is being manipulated standardizedthe controls Module 3Be familiar with HardyWeinberg equilibrium its assumptions equations and know how to use thempq1 is the allele frequency of dominant allele and the frequency of the recessive 2222allele pq2pq where p is the frequency of the dominant genotype q is the frequency of the recessive genotype and 2pq is the frequency of the heterozygous genotypeA population is in HardyWeinberg equilibrium ifThe population is big no genetic driftfounder effect bottleneck effectNo gene flow emigrationimmigration
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