CAS AH 111 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pech Merle, Art Of The Upper Paleolithic, Lascaux

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Painters cover the walls and ceilings of caves at. Sculptors carve images of nude women on the walls of the cave at. Gatherers create the first sculptures and paintings, long before the invention of writing. The works range in scale from tiny figurines, such as. Willendorf, to life- size paintings and relief sculptures , such as the painted horses in the cave at pech- Mesopotamia, the earliest settled communities take shape and agriculture begins. Neolithic builders erect stone towers and forts at jericho. Sculptors fashion large-scale painted plaster human figures at ain. Painters depict coherent narratives and employ composite views for human figures at atal hoyuk. Most important era in history of art. Animals in strict profile, vary in size, the meanings behind. Oldest and best known painted caves are in s. france and spain. Most famous cave is lascaux: hall of the bulls. Most are colored silhouettes and others are outlines (suggests a different artist.

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