CAS CC 102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Red Heifer, Sadducees, Septuagint

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Beatrice: although the real beatrice died at a young age and there is no evidence that her relationship with dante ever grew beyond passing conversation, beatrice remained the object of dante"s affection and desire throughout his life. Thus, she leaves her seat in heaven to descend to hell where she asks virgil to serve as dante"s guide. Beatrice meets dante in earthly paradise (purgatorio) and acts as his guide through. On many occasions during his travels through hell and purgatory, dante believes that he can go no further but the promise of meeting beatrice motivates him to continue. Beatrice amply rewards dante for his travails when she leads him into heaven and grows in radiance and beauty as they ascend toward god. Contrapasso: counter-experience; punishment of the souls in the inferno (hell) Easter 1300: the supposed setting of the divine comedy; the journey begins on good.