CGS HU 201 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pyrrho, Eudaimonia, Apatheia

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469 - 399 bc 341 - 270 bc 360 - 270 bc 412-323 bc. 384 - 322 bc 334 - 262 bc. Answer, trialing two people or more through discussion to get a deeper meaning. Wouldn"t write anything down because all he believed to have was questions, not answers. Dialectical philosophy: seeks wisdom through back- and-forth dialogue. Considered a sophists: teach you about human and political virtue. Everything in the universe is made up of atoms - everything that happens is caused by the interactions of atoms. Don"t believe in an afterlife (afterlife doesn"t have atoms) Best life is a life that maximizes your pleasure and minimizes your pain. Epicureans told people to follow the quadruple. Deep study, came to feel that human beings would never be able to attain any kind of absolute knowledge of anything. Seeking answers through philosophy is damaging, causing stress and unhappiness. Cynics were radicals who completely rejected all of society"s values.

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