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"Buying Time: Moneyed Interests and the Mobilization of Bias in CongressionalCommittees" -Hall, Richard L. and Drank W. Wayman Sunday, March 23, 2014 10:45 AM - Schattschneider: Inequalities between private organized, upper-class groups on the public unorganized, lower-class groups ○ National policy favors the upper class, which makes it against the interests of US democracy - Grenzke: PAC contributions do not affect voting patterns - Wright: PACs do not have the ability to determine congressionalvoting Does money matter? - PACs do not influence floor voting but flourishes at the committeelevel - Member's voteis not the currency - Intended effort is to mobilize bias in congressional committees - Bauer, Pool and Dexter: Member'sprinciple problem is not how to vote but how to allocate his resources, time and energy - Denzau and Munger: Interest groups-member relationship is an exchange of contribution for electoral support of legislative effort I. The Rational PAC Revisited ○ PACs are decentralized and disburse money into local congressional elections, not specific legislation in mind ○ But most money raised in fund raisers are for an ultimate purpose that will increase their net political benefits ○ Using money to solely affect election is not rational  Money should be spent on swing votersto maximize marginal utility ○ Berry,Gopoian and Schlozman: Money does not buy votes,but "access" to membersand their staffs which in the end, can affect legislations in their favor II. The Rational PAC Revisited ○ Why do groups allocate scarce resources to efforts where the expected political benefits are so low? ○ If PAC contributions influence member votes,why do groups contribute the most to the strongest supporters and opponents? ○ Denzau and Munger: Interest group resources are not meant to buy votesor influence elections, but to mobilize legislative support and demobilize oppositions  Demobilizing as in not actively opposing  PAC allocation strategy is not only direction
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