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CAS SO 100
Ashley Mears

CLASS shared social and economic position shared life chances for prosperity How are certain classes of people created Lets take the example of capitalism and its agents capitalists in the West Max Weber 1905 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism pp 499505BlackboardHow are the protestant ethic Calvinism is the sect of Protestantism that Weber connects to capitalism and the spirit of capitalism connectedth17 century Protestant ethic was key in spearheading capitalism Hence a change in the institution of religion created a change in the institution of economy Hence Weber is arguing that before Calvinism and its partner work ethic Protestant ethic CAPITALISM DID NOT EXIST IN THE WORLDA change in the institution of religion created Capitalism To reiterate Capitalism like all other economic systems is socially constructed Webers theory is contended and we will discuss this in the context of Globalization towards the end of the semesterSynopsis of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of CapitalismDefinitions You will not be tested on the synopsis it is provided as a useful contextualization of Webers theory Weber begins with the puzzle of distinction between the modern and traditional world He writes that the modern world operates on the basis of rationality focused on the most efficient means to accomplish an end He argues that Protestantism was necessary for capitalism to take off Weber conducts a case study of Germany demonstrating that different rates of economic activity correlate with religious affiliation central Germany being most protestant and highly economically active and Northern Germany being mostly Catholic and minimally politically activeRationalization know the first definition for the exam Defined in 2 ways 1 Process of most efficient means to accomplish an end2 Etymology origin of term reason means by which we cognitively organize reality and our universe for the purposes of cognitively structuring an environment that ismanageablepredictable Concept developed in the Middle Ages in Europe by means of the BibleGreek philosophy In 1904 Weber visits the US on a 2 month tour He is struck by industry and by Benjamin Franklin Poor Richards Almanac which becomes a regular publication with wide readership Franklin proverbsaphorisms time is money a penny saved is a penny earned money begets money
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