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[ENGL 204] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the..
[ENGL 204] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes fot the exam (104 pages long!)

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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
ENGL 204
William Fitzhenry

[ENGL 204] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Wednesday, January 11, 2017 English 204 Lecture (W1D2) Mentioned Sections: Page 589 “Still, my friend-their councils” Page 592-593 “They are absolutely-rule free men” Page 594 “Don’t give-to come” Humanist Writing: Utopia Book 1 - Thomas More is a humanist - Humanist includes: - emphasize the importance of studying - classical literature/philosophy • will look at original latin - use the classics to make society better - all about reason and rationality - important to be a well rounded individual - all Christian - Humanist value speech more than writing - most of their books include more speech • More is following Plato - In Utopia Book 1 • Thomas More the author has different opinions - shown by the two characters Hythloday and Thomas • Thomas More the character wants Hythloday to share his knowledge with the King - Hythloday want’s to maintain his personal freedom • states Kings are only interested in war, money, and expansion • if he becomes a councilor he could become corrupt • Social Injustice in the 16 century - money equates to power ▯1 find more resources at
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