NEHC 20012 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Jewish Bride, Sabbatai Zevi, Health Administration

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Barkey, islam and toleration: studying the ottoman imperial model, international journal of politics, culture, and society, 19/1-2 (2005), pp. Too much attention paid to theological issues of islam. We should focus on historical conditions that produce religious intolerance and tolerance. Ottoman empire succeeded in maintain ethnic and religious toleration: subordination of religion to state, millet system, h. Nalc k, the ottoman empire: the classical age, 1300-16. 00 (new york, [1973]), pp. Discusses build-up to mehmed ii and how the ottoman empire grew and gained power. Mehmed ii wanted to expand and conquer wanted to seize constantinople as means of garnering legitimacy revive empire of ancestor bayezid: h. Nalc k, the ottoman empire: the classical age, 1300-1600 (new york, [1973]), pp. Sultanic law = kanun: 15th c. sultan could make regulations/laws on own initiative, based on rational and not religious principles; public and administrative law. Boyar and k. fleet, conquest. a social history of ottoman istanbul (cambridge, 2010), pp.

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