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[PSYC 323] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the..
[PSYC 323] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (71 pages long!)

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Chico State University
PSYC 323
Allee Kreamer

Chico State PSYC 323 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at Dualism Age of Enlightenment Scientific and medical roots Greek view Reality has 2 fundamentally diff aspects Physical world World of ideas Great value on human reason to understand nature Platos 4 ordered classes of reality Shadowsreflections, true objects, sciences, pure ideas Metaphysically dualistic view Human body physical Mind nonphysical Descartes Established core principles of scientific thought Emphasized we should put merit into scientific thought, we should know cause we observed them Knowledge must be based on careful observation informed by reason (deductive reasoning) Can gather info based on authority Observation (using scientific method) Reductionist approach if we break down big concepts simple things and understand simple things first you can put it back together and understand big concepts Study simple things to understand complex ones Allows us to put it back together and understand complex things Relying on experimentation and empirical observation Have to isolate variables Relying on observation and systematic observation Sociocultural limits Mindbody dualism (cause it was the thought at the time, the body is made of physical matter) Body made of physical matter Soul nonphysical and immortal Nonphysical mind inhabiting a physical body Humans biological machines inhabited by a nonmechanical soul Hinders ability to understand relationship with whats happening between brain and our thoughts and feelings and whats going on with our body Hinders understanding relationship between mental existence and physical presence Hard understanding how ideas can influence the body and how the mind can be part of health and disease Limits tools we have in our tool belt Modern Science and Medicine find more resources at
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