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[ENGL 1030] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 31 pages long Stu..
[ENGL 1030] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 31 pages long Study Guide!

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Clemson University
ENGL 1030
Jennifer Forsberg

[ENGL 1030] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at ENGL 1030 Class Notes 1.17.17 Rhetorical Analysis  Location  Purpose  Structure/form  Persuasion o All 4 combine to form critical literacy  Being able to read between the lines in specific ways to achieve a specific purpose Connection between Author – Audience – Argument Rhetorical Analysis – first assignment because it will help us to think more critically about multimodal, and multimedia composition – considering presentation style (print v. commercial, etc.) How they persuade differently ▯De▯odi▯g s▯▯▯ols▯ = te▯t Text = anything you can read, everything is a text – what can you draw from something (like a table, what is its purpose) If everything is text, you can apply rhetorical analysis to everything – allows for inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning – observing surveying what rhetorical situations exist and then coming up with a Conclusion Group Work: Receipts Rhetorically analyze a receipt p.38 of text what’s the argu▯e▯t? who is the audience? demographic Genre Layout Where it can be seen Style – aesthetics Exigency (immediacy) Purpose – why and when we want to buy it find more resources at
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