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HIST 3240- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 22 pages long!)

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HIST 3240

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[HIST 3240] Comprehensive Spring guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Reconstruction Besides the civil war, reconstruction was most chaotic and important events in the South Set the stage for the South for the century End of civil war 1865 ▯▯▯,▯▯▯ you▯g ▯e▯ of ▯ilitary age dead, others ▯ho ▯ere▯’t dead ▯ere ▯ou▯ded almost every white family in South were affected by loss of a loved one wealth in South decreased, wealth in North increased white southerners want to rejoin the Union with white supremacy scalawags: southern white Republicans hated by whites and considered traitors Carpet baggers: Northerners who came to the South to either take profits or to help Black southerners want equal rights, land ownership Radical republicans: belive in full equality of blacks, and they know that they will vote for republicnas, believe the South needs to be punished Two questions: 1 what is going to happen to ex confederates 2 what is going to happen to freedmen 1 confederates kept fighting because they refused to be in yankee prisons surrender terms were lenient confederates had to swear to never fight the U.S., go home, obey laws ▯ Preside▯t Joh▯so▯’s a▯▯esty de▯laratio▯ Johnson had blanket amnesty for ex confederates, full citizenship rights are given back, excluded confederate generals, confederate government officials, anyone who owned more than $20,000 property 3 Presidential reconstruction 3 part plan for South to rejoin 1 unionist to be governor 2 new state constitution 3 ratify 13 amendment does not give blacks rights to vote, hold office, have guns black codes: state constitutions a▯olished sla▯ery did▯’t gi▯e ▯la▯ks all rights ▯la▯ks ▯ould▯’t ▯e sla▯es they could not be full citizens maintain social order so▯e state go▯er▯ors asked ge▯erals ▯ot to e▯for▯e ▯la▯k ▯odes ▯e▯ause they ▯ould▯’t ha▯e been popular in the North ▯la▯k ▯odes did▯’t last find more resources at
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