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ANEQ 102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Osteology, Weight-Bearing, Sesamoid Bone

by Linh

Animal Sciences
Course Code
ANEQ 102
Ryan Brooks
Study Guide

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Equine Final Study Guide
Hoof Anatomy
The hoof is the foundation of the horse.
The foot is the most common area of the forelimb lameness.
Biological Structures
- Bones
- Soft Tissue
- Hoof Capsule
o Coffin bone = 3rd phalanx
o Short pastern bone = 2nd phalanx
o Navicular bone = distal sesamoid
o Coffin joint
o Pastern joint
o Fetlock joint
o Navicular bursa
Blood Vessels
o Medial (inside) & lateral (outside)
o Digital arteries
o Digital veins
Nerve Supply
o Palmar Digital Nerves
Superficial External Structures
o Hoof wall
o Coronary band
o Frog
o Sole
o White line
o Bars
- Concave (mimics the solar surface of the distal phalanx)
- Concavity shows the general surface of the sole is not meant to bear weight
- Protection
- Plays a role in concussion
- Sole can’t be too think!
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