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30 Nov 2017

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There will be before and after lecture quizzes. Boiling points--don"t memorize the numbers but know what boils above or less than what. All life occurs in salt solution salt solutions have water. Covalent bond between h and o -- sharing electron with each other. The side without the hydrogens has a partial negative charge, so the side with the hydrogens have a partial positive charge. *because of this, the water molecules can interact with one another and connect with other molecules. Not as strong as the bonds between the o and. ***look up how ice crystals are formed on a molecular level. As we take energy out by cooling it down, the hydrogen bonds eventually become more solidified and can"t be broken and stick together. This increases the surface area, which is why ice becomes less dense than liquid water and it floats. Take a beaker of water, imagine the water on the surface.

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